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Rhodesian African Rifles … Roll Of Honour 1966-1981

Rhodesian African Rifles … Roll Of Honour 1966-1981 RAR Roll of Honour – Alphabetical Listing -Update 08 August 2015- -1- RAR Roll of Honour – Alphabetical Listing -Update 08 August 2015- -1-

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At National Memorial Arboretum 19th July 2015

At National Memorial Arboretum 19th July 2015


My wife, Yvonne, and I were privileged to attend the unveiling of the RAR Memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday 19 July. It was a day to remember the amazing contribution of the RAR in both World Wars, the Malayan War and the Rhodesian War. It was a special time to remember those of their number that had fallen, and to acknowledge those who had contributed with amazing courage. The dedication by the Army Chaplain was sensitive and pertinent. One of the proud soldiers prayed, another read a verse from The Fallen, a poem by Robert L. Binyon and one, who was honoured with a long awaited medal, unveiled the plaque with dignity. The Marquee Lord Salisbury delivered a stirring tribute with honesty and passion. The Last Post was played as the Standards were lowered, with Rivali rounding it up. The proud warriors of the RAR then ended by singing “Sweet Banana”, with the crowd joining in. A fly past of two Alouette 3 helicopters ended the proceedings. To say no tears were shed would be a lie. Old friendships were rekindled, new ones forged. An amazing day to be remembered, to be sure. We are truly “proud to be Rhodesian”.


Clive & Yvonne

Clive & Yvonne

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RAR Trooping of the colours 1969

The oldest full-time Regiment in the Rhodesian Army, with battle honors from East Africa to Malaya. This film is of the Trooping the Colour Ceremony held in Bulawayo by the 1st Battalion.

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300 SQD Royal Netherlands Air Force

300 SQD Royal Netherlands Air Force on the way to the Rhodesia Native Regiment and Rhodesian African Rifles Memorial 19th July 2015  @ National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

300 Sqd Royal Neverlands Air ForceEnroute

Overhead the ceremony for a FlypassA fine fly past by 2 Alouette 3 Helicopters from the Durch Air Force

There was plenty of emotion on the ground on this our special day.

From the ground looking up @ the fly past

From the ground looking up

A birds eye view from the sky

On behalf of everybody on the ground … we salute you guys for being a part of this our special day …… Fly safe

Beautiful flight over the thames. Eyes too short, what a large village

Beautiful flight over the Thames. Eyes too short, what a large village



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For the RAR Dedication at National Memorial Arboretum

For the RAR Dedication at National Memorial Arboretum,  19 July 2015 By Suki V

RAR Dedication

Honouring you, our RAR
We come from places far
On bus, on train, in car…
In person or in spirit too
Giving all our due.
This day of dedication, we stand in awe
Of you brave men, some gone before.
We all of forces far and wide
Stand here with thoughts we cannot hide.
Our minds go back, we are right there…
The sounds, the smells, our hearts laid bare
You fought with pride
And in your bravery, some died
A mighty force that teamed as one
Supporting other forces too, to get the battles won
We stood and watched you march right past
With your proud beating hearts, always steadfast
And so this very special day,
We stand upright before this monument and say
We salute, remember, honour, thank you… at this wall
God bless you one and all.
Suki V

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From the eyes and mouth of our man on the ground ….. Gerry van Tonder


Herewith a map of the NMA for 19 July, for those who might be interested. I have annotated the RNR/RAR Memorial site, as well as the Car Park, Visitor Centre, etc. For Satnav users, I have inserted the postcode to use at the top of the map.

rar map

RNR-RAR Memorial

I took these photos at the National Memorial Arboretum yesterday, 27th May 2015 showing work in progress. The semi-pyramid in the background is the BSAP Memorial.

rar 1rar2


RNR/RAR Memorial Sitrep

I was out at the NMA yesterday, and this is the stage that construction has reached. 8th June 2015

8th june

Memorial Sitrep 26 June

The main plaques are in and work has started on the tower. Looking very good.

26 june26 june a26 june b26 june c

Memorial Update

I took these pics this morning. 6th July 2015

6th july6th july a

Thank you Gerry for keeping us informed

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CRAIG BONE Paintings – Auction on Behalf of the RAR Memorial Fund

CRAIG BONE Paintings – Auction on Behalf of the RAR Memorial Fund

The Rhodesian Services Association in New Zealand is auctioning two Craig Bone Paintings

on behalf of the Rhodesian Army Association Museum Trust RAR Memorial Fund

to help pay for the construction of the Memorial currently under construction

at the National Memorial Arboretum, near Alrewas, Staffordshire.


  • The two paintings are original framed Craig Bone paintings which have been gifted to the RAAMT RAR Memorial Fund.


  • They are currently held by the RAR Memorial Committee in England, and will be on display at the Memorial unveiling on Sunday 19th July for any last-minute bids.



  • The RSA has very kindly waived their normal fees for these two paintings when they are sold.


Click the link above to see the auction and bidding procedures





     ELEPHANT IN THE WATER by Craig Bone                        LIONS AT PLAY by Craig Bone


The Memorial under Construction – May 2015



We are now in the final stages of completion of construction of the memorial, and our creditors are circling in the background like Hyenas. Your efforts so far have been herculean, only matched by your generosity, and we now need to tie up all the loose ends.



We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Dedication Ceremony an Sunday 19th July. If you want details please let me know and I will send you the information pack


Will Ransom

The Secretary

Rhodesian Army Association & Museum Trust

The Oaks, Park Farm Close



Kent TN26 1LD



Tel home:     +44 (0)1233 – 73 37 36

Tel mobile:   +44 (0)7411 – 91 40 89

Skype:          will-n-viv



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Through the hard work of a number of people, and the generosity of many donors, the construction of the Memorial has commenced. The Memorial, depicting the wall and tower of the Zimbabwe Ruins, is sited next to the BSA Police memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. Below is a photograph taken during construction, which commenced on 7 May, with photograph of the Brass Regimental Badges, that will be affixed to the tower.


The unveiling and Dedication Ceremony will take place at 11:00 am on Sunday 19th July 2015. The main Address will be by Lord Salisbury, President of the Rhodesian African Rifles Association. Over two hundred former members of the Regiment, their families and guests, are expected to attend with a number of relatives of those who gave their lives. In this regard it was of vital importance to have former soldiers of the Regiment attend the Ceremony. Arrangements were made to bring four soldiers from Zimbabwe, two of whom served in Malaya, and funds were available to do this.


Recently we have been faced with some unforeseen expenses. We are now bringing over six soldiers from Zimbabwe. Extra funds are needed to cover the costs of the airfares and accommodation of the two additional soldiers.


In additional the Trustees of the National Memorial Arboretum felt there was a need for an additional engraved plaque. This plaque is to explain the significance and history of the two Regiments, to which we have agreed. Although should the need arise, a loan has been arranged to cover these additional expenses, we are therefore seeking some further donations to cover all the costs, hopefully without needing the loan. Listed below is a detailed summary of all the donation procedures that are available.”



Following our telephone call this morning regarding your costs, please encourage EVERYONE involved in raising Funds for the Memorial, to use the following procedures, and to splash it proudly all over the Facebook groups:


1.     Please  DO NOT USE DIRECT BANK TRANSFER – no Gift-Aid can be claimed with direct bank transfer, and it is very difficult to track. We will not give out RAA Bank account details for this.


2.      Please USE PAYPAL (no personal PayPal account is necessary to do so – only a valid credit / debit card). This applies mostly outside the UK, but it can be used within the UK if the donor does not wish to use a cheque or Postal Order.


a.   Overseas donors and UK non-taxpayer Donors use this link –  – and click the RAAMT Memorial RAR BUTTON, then follow the procedure.


b.    UK tax-payer Donors use this link – – and click the RAAMT memorial RAR (Gift Aided) BUTTON, then follow the procedure.


3.     To USE A STERLING CHEQUE / POSTAL ORDER, and send your donation with the COMPLETED Form attached to this email to the address on the bottom of the Form – NOT TO THE RAR BANK ACCOUNT. When paying by Cheque / PO, Gift-Aid MUST be certified via the completed name and address plus the Donation section on the Form.


Sadly any deviation away from this procedure will incur unnecessary loss of RAR income – in the case of PayPal, AT LEAST 2% (RAR 5.5% RAA 2.8%) of any international donation, and in the case of any UK donation, up to 20% because Gift-Aid is NOT AVAILABLE through the RAR Bank Account.


Even more sadly the use of the RAR PayPal account should be strongly discouraged because it carries substantially higher fees than the RAA PayPal account.



Please DO test the links for yourself when you are next online, and you will see the RAA Donation boxes, giving the donor a choice between donating to the RAR Memorial Fund or to the RAA General Fund.


Very many thanks


Major General M Shute

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Ladies and Gentlemen


Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance

Chibaya Moyo Book

Ladies and Gentlemen
We have NEWS! Tomorrow the various books arrive here on Mud island.,
Chibaya Moyo, The RNR-RAR Book of Remembrance, which also has some wonderful illustrations (courtesy of John Wynne Hopkins), further copies of Masodja….so dear colleagues, friends and fellow members – please get around to paying for the various copies of the books you have ordered.

Maybe a good time to pay for the various prints which have been requested – otherwise I fear that 19th July will be a very very busy one, it would make things a great deal simpler if we could forward plan and be proactive.

The books are being desposted at General Shute’s address (much to his consternation, as it was all supposed to be delivered to the Chairman),

BTW the RAR Association will also be donating an additional print (from the cover of Masodja) to the Rhodesian All Forces group, to help raise some much needed PRI funds for those in need..our brothers and sisters-in-arms, for whom, unless helped by our Rhodesian Fraternity, would be in very dire straits, especially those still living in Zim’ and RSA.

Let us remember, we do not walk in their shoes nor sit in their wheelchairs

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting.

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